We advise, but first we listen

We craft wealth strategies that serve our clients’ life needs

GMAG’s scope of services is extensive and comprehensive, yet customizable. Our services encompass the full spectrum of your financial needs, including thoughtful planning for investments, retirement, taxes, estate planning, cash flow, insurance, philanthropy, debt management, and education funding.  Our mission is always to help clients meet their financial and life goals.


Wealth Management

We collaborate with your advisors–accountants, attorneys, insurance agents and carriers, other asset managers, and bankers–and integrate these relationships into a coordinated, unified team that will seamlessly service all your wealth management needs.

Family Governance and Education

We use our experience in building family offices to create a trusted, long-term, customized advisory team for your family. This team will engage deeply with younger generations to ensure they develop the ability to become good long-term stewards of the family’s assets.

Investment Management

We deliver customized asset management solutions focused on achieving your family’s goals. As an independent advisor, we are not beholden to an affiliation with any wirehouse or broker-dealer and their largely conflicted offering of proprietary products. Our status as investment fiduciaries guides us to select investments based solely on your best interests.

Banking and Credit Facilities

Through strong relationships with the world’s safest and most service-oriented banks, we can manage all banking needs to help your family members manage their cash flow and liquidity requirements.

Generational and Estate Planning

We review and efficiently summarize your existing estate planning structure, including trusts, entities, and other structures. We actively manage your plan and coordinate with your attorneys, in light of your evolving objectives, and legal requirements to identify opportunities for enhancement or simplification.

Tax Planning

We coordinate the document gathering, tax planning, and return preparation process with your accountant. Our goal is to take advantage of all strategies to mitigate your tax liability. Our investment recommendations consider tax consequences, optimum location of assets, and tax harvesting strategies as appropriate.

Risk Management

We review and monitor your insurance needs and existing coverages. Positioning you to have the proper protection in place for property and casualty, disability, and life insurance is of paramount importance to us.

Bookkeeping Bill Payment

We offer a full suite of bookkeeping services such as vendor management, receipt and disbursement tracking, and monthly net worth and cash flow reporting. We work with you to analyze income and expenses to help better manage your family’s spending by preparing personalized budgets and variance analysis.

Charitable Giving

Many families are committed to promoting the welfare of others. We work to help create a plan to maximize the effectiveness and meaning of your philanthropic endeavors.

Our core values drive our culture

We measure each decision against these four standards

Responsible Relationships

We take pride in the sense of personal responsibility our team shows each individual client, as seen through our commitment to proactive communications and ongoing consideration for our client’s personal circumstances.

Service Innovation

We define excellence by our ability to consistently enhance our service offering, to provide unique custom solutions aimed to go beyond the traditional expectations of a wealth management firm.

Collective Intelligence

Our firm’s primary asset is our strength through collective intelligence. We invest in the growth of our individual employees and leverage synergies with outside legal, accounting, and asset and risk management professionals. The result is our ability to bring together a like-minded team who possess the skills to adapt to changing market dynamics and client needs.

Disciplined Investing

Our investment strategy is built around innovative thinking and a disciplined framework. Our approach aims to promote client confidence through unpredictable markets and support their goals of wealth preservation for their future generations.

“We have dedicated ourselves to bringing high quality investment solutions and resources to our clients. After spending our careers in large financial institutions, GMAG’s leadership team applies a level of rigor and experience to the important and unique business of making your wealth work for you.”


– Stephen Raneri, Chief Investment Officer