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GMAG Investment Perspectives

GMAG | 1Q20 Market Outlook

2019 was a strong year for risk-assets even as economic growth slowed. Despite the recent equity rally, many of the fundamental factors that warranted a defensive investment approach…



GMAG l Q4 Market Outlook

The US economy has been slowing over the past year, and the risk of recession is rising. As a result, defensive assets have outperformed over that time…



Paradigm Shifts | Gold’s Time to Shine

Investors have been rewarded handsomely for buying and holding stocks since the 2008 global financial crisis; however, ten years into the longest US economic expansion on record…



GMAG Insights

GMAG Insightswellspring
October 8, 2019

Serving Families Beyond Investments

Is a family office right for you? Many high-net-worth families struggle with a myriad of…
GMAG Insightswellspring
October 8, 2019

Goals-Based Investing

What do you want to achieve in your life? And how do your goals tie…
Family having fun with childrenGMAG Insightswellspring
October 8, 2019

Is A Trust Right For You?

Many high-net-worth individuals build their financial legacy to protect and care for their loved ones.…
Grandmother and grand kids using digital tablet in the parkGMAG Insightswellspring
October 8, 2019

6 Apps To Teach Better Habits

Now that the kids are home from school, it’s a perfect time to reinforce good…

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Hardware - bolts, nuts, washers, screwsAt The BankGMAG nextStudents
January 23, 2019

Nuts and Bolts

There’s a lot more to banking than writing an occasional check. To get your banking…
Saving money conceptAt The BankGMAG nextStudents
January 23, 2019

The Savings Route

Opening a savings account can help pave the way to financial security. If you’re building…
Businessman using smartphone with stacked coins in foregroundAt The BankGMAG nextStudents
January 23, 2019

Tracking Your Balance

You need to stay current on what’s in your checking account. It’s easier than ever…
Credit card security conceptAt The BankGMAG nextStudents
January 23, 2019

Protected Plastic

The law is on your side if your debit card ends up in the wrong…