Our core values drive our culture and are the foundation of our practice.
We measure each decision against these four standards.


We take pride in the sense of personal responsibility our team shows each individual client, as seen through our commitment to proactive communications and ongoing consideration for our client’s personal circumstances.


We define excellence by our ability to consistently enhance our service offering, to provide unique custom solutions and to go beyond the traditional expectations of a wealth management firm.


Ours is a team approach where we leverage synergies with outside legal, accounting, and asset and risk management professionals who are like-minded in their striving to provide quality services and recommendations.


Our investment strategy is built around innovative thinking and a disciplined framework. Our approach aims to promote client confidence through unpredictable markets and support their goals of wealth preservation for their future generations.

Our Promise

Assuming personal responsibility is at the core of our character at GM Advisory Group. Personal responsibility obliges us to deeply understand the individual needs of all our clients and consistently do our best to improve their experience. It compels us to maintain transparent communication and keep our collective intellectual capital growing so that timely perspective is offered and wise action is taken.


We measure our success by our ability to deliver a disciplined investment strategy and thoughtful planning process reflective of our clients’ unique goals and risks tolerances. Rigorously guided by our values and standards, our aim is an objective allocation of assets, which seeks to maintain balance and opportunity in today’s volatile world.


Highly objective. Deeply personal. Leading with a complete approach to wealth management.

Our Story

Changing the Shape of Financial Advice

GM Advisory Group is a financial advisory firm with a deeply personal, collaborative approach that serves the unique demands of high-net-worth families, accomplished executives, and elite athletes and entertainers. We provide trusted insight for creative, custom and comprehensive services that go beyond traditional wealth management.


Led by Frank Marzano, an accomplished CPA, CFP® and CIMA®, GM Advisory Group was built around Frank’s expertise and deep caring for GMAG’s clients—a hallmark of the company’s culture and values. Rooted in Frank’s uncompromising standards, GMAG’s extended services address even the smallest details that impact our clients’ lives and lifestyles. Our innovative, tailored offerings, combined with our financial expertise, provide flexibility and instill confidence in our clients.