Today’s resources, Tomorrow’s outcome.

Financial Literacy and Responsibility

Our GMAG | Next Generation Initiative came about through the realization that schools were not teaching financial literacy and responsibility to our own children. In fact, these values are primarily taught at home by caring parents and grandparents. We wanted to provide our clients with as many resources as possible so they could start these conversations early, with their own children and grandchildren, to lay the foundation for financial proficiency.


GMAG | Next Generation Mission

To educate our clients’ children to understand financial responsibilities and appreciate the great joys wealth can provide.


GMAG | Next Generation Goals

01 To help steer children in the direction of fiscal accountability, since it is an important component to preserving a family’s overall wealth.


02 To provide the best resources to help our clients learn essential lessons that can have lasting monetary and non-monetary personal benefits.


03 To offer independent, engaging, and relevant resources in the realm of financial education to better prepare the next generation of our clients and their families for real-world challenges.